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BF548 Emulate load IDLE

Question asked by Schamman on Nov 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2011 by Schamman

Hello, everyone

I meet a problem of VDSP

I made a  Minimum system of BF548.  now I can connect it to VDSP by Emluator and I can access to the DDR, change the value.  It seems that the Hardware is Ok.


but when I load a .DXE file ,from the Disassembly window I find the PC point to

IDLE(_unknow_exception_occurred )

untile I change the value of PC register to the main function.  It can run properly .

it seems that the PC pointer  jump over the main function.


Even I use the simplest program ( printf(“HELLO WORLD”), as a result, I meet the same problem.

and I change the project option and it doesn't work .

and I sure the LDF file is no problem, all the code are map to L1_CODE.


I don’t know what wrong with it , Could someone help me?

Thank you !


Wencong Chen