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ZEDBOARD + FMCOMMS2  ISE 14.4 Reference Design

Question asked by marcob on Mar 23, 2015
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I've some problems with the zedboard-fscomms2 reference design.

I've checked out 2014_R1 branch for linux sources, downloded firmware

I've compiled .xco IP : ad_dcfilter_ , ad_dds_1.


The compilation is succesfull with XPS/ISE 14.4 , but when the system Boot i've the message :

ad9361 spi32766.0: ad9361_dig_tune: Tuning RX FAILED!

ad9361 spi32766.0: ad9361_dig_tune: Tuning TX FAILED!


when I use the .bit file without compilation of firmware section , the system boot is correct, and the

system work fine.


Are there firmware / software update to work properly ?