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ADE7953 - setup Absolute Accumulation Mode in the ACCMODE register

Question asked by TrezTan on Mar 22, 2015
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I am having problem with IC ADE7953ACPZ. I have some question :

I would like to setup Absolute Accumulation Mode in the ACCMODE register for ADE7953ACPZ, to calculate energy accumulation.

According the instruction document: "The absolute accumulation mode is disabled by default and can be enabled on Current Channel A and Current Channel B by setting the AVARACC and BVARACC bits to 10 in the ACCMODE register (Address 0x201 and Address 0x301)."


I followed the instructions but nothing happened

I tried to setup ACCMODE register as follow:


    • Firstly, I read ACCMODE register then the return value is "0x003F0000", instead of 0x00000000 as according the document.


    • Then I write the setting value "0x003F0002" into ACCMODE register. And then I read from ACCMODE register again, but it is not "0x003F0002"


I don't know how active ACCMODE.

Please help to advise.

Thank you