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ADV7511W temprature range, resolution and fps

Question asked by Coban on Mar 23, 2015
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About Temprature Range:


i have some conflict about the teprature range of adv7511w.


  • In the blow link at section Sample & Buy at bottom of page it is writen that the temprature range 0 to 70 degrees celsius


  • But when i read the datasheet of the ADV7511W it is written -40 to +105 degrees celsius


i need -40 to +85 degrees celsius.


About Resolution and FPS


i need to drive a monitor via DVI which's specs are 1024x768 resolution and 100fps. but when i read the ADV7511 Programming Guide Rev G, section 4.3.3 Video Mode Detection and 4.3.4 Pixel Repetition, i couldunt find the rightresolution and fps


so the adv7511W can support my requirements?