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HSC-ADC-EVALCZ AD9650 Interleaved Datas

Question asked by mehdi.khemir on Mar 22, 2015
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I work with an evalboard (HSC-ADC-EVALCZ with an AD9650 and a Virtex 4) and in interleaving mode.
I have some difficulties to recover data from the channel A and data from the channel B with Matlab.

I can deinterleave the data with the FPGA but in my case, I have to deal with 2 pairs of I/Q data (so 4 "channels" for 2 outputs FIFO) so I have to interleave my data.


I'm using :
-VisualAnalog to get the samples from the FPGA

-Matlab to deinterleave the data and plot them


To deinterleave the data with Matlab :

dataA_1 = dataA(1:2:end, 1);

dataA_2 = dataA(2:2:end, 1);


Where dataA is my set of interleaved datas.


When I watch dataA_1 and dataA_2, the deinterleaving is well done but when I plot them, I have not my 2 tones back...


Can someone explain me how I can deinterleave my data with Matlab ?


If it's not clear, I can put some screenshots and plots in order to explain my problem in a more graphical way.


Thanks !


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