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ADP1048 question

Question asked by Johnwu on Mar 22, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by LtCommData

I designed the ADI ADP1048 into a 500W LED light. 


VIN: 85 – 264VAC; 120 – 340VDC


The system works well except when it comes to input voltage transients.  The output voltage wiggles causing light flickering.  In the scope trace (attached) all voltages are 50:1.  By changing the VOUT window tolerance to ±1.5% we activate the fast loop correction minimizing the output perturbation.  Is there another way to activate the fast loop correction?  Can we command fast loop correction by register setting?


We know when the transients are coming so we’d like to predictively prepare by pre-enabling corrective measures by enabling the fast loop.


We’d also appreciate any advice on how else to ensure the output doesn’t change with varying input.