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Low level control of AD9364 HDL/Muxes via IIO - info request

Question asked by apieroni on Mar 22, 2015
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Hi All,


I have a system running on a Zed board and we are able to have access to the AD9364 / DAC-DDS / ADC by the IIO. Because we modified the HDL to have our own RF processing between RX and TX, we need to be able to control the muxes to loop back the data. We connected the IQ output of the ADC to the IQ input to loopback the signal with success, but we will like to have control of the muxes inside the HDL  that are handled by the axi driver to have full control. My question is: how can I write the axi registers using the IIO? Is there any raw register access so we can read or write the HDL registers from the AXI? Can you give me an example? Is there any explanation of what the scan_elements are? so far we were able to enable the buffer play by enabling them.


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