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What is the diffrence between the ADum 3160 and Adum4160?

Question asked by Nepomuki on Mar 22, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2015 by MMA

I want to make an USB Isolator and have a gadget with an adruino on the Isolated side and my Pc on the other side. Both need a supply of 5V. I'am currently using a adum5000 combined with an adum3160 but can't get that USB-isolator to work propely. The Pc is either showing me nothing and if it connects to the arduino Matlab can't get access to the com port. Just currently I have found the exact same setup just with an adum4160. USB Isolator Photo by stienman | Photobucket Now  i'm starting to wonder if i should have bought the wrong device. Are those two IC not just distinguished buy their max rms Voltage per min.