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AD9524 i2c data line

Question asked by Vali on Mar 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by Vali

On a i2c bus I have an AD9524  which is powered OFF when all the other devices on the i2c bus are ON.

The pull-up resistors on the i2c bus are 3K.

On the i2c clock line I measure 3.3V after power on but on the i2c data line I measure only 1.5V. If I disconnect the AD9524 (which doesn't have power) from the data line than I measure 3.3V on the i2c data line.

What could be the issue?

In order to turn ON the power to the AD9524 I need the i2c bus to work properly with levels up to 3.3V.