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ADXL345, 3200Hz Data Ready makes ideal time interval?

Question asked by JiwonOh on Mar 20, 2015
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I.m trying to get high sampling rate data from ADXL345.

So I set configurations as data rate as 3200Hz and receive data ready through INT1.


ADXL345 makes interrupt signal well, but when I measure real signal with oscilloscope.

It looks it cannot make ideal 3200Hz.


I count up how long takes for getting 3200 data, using count variable in ISR.

When the variable get 3200, it will stop for a while.

I only put spi read(for getting next data) and count++.

3200Hz setting can makes ideal 3200Hz signal?

In my case, only ~3050 data can delivered within 1sec. 3200 data takes about 1050ms.