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about 21489 spi slave boot

Question asked by Graydon on Mar 20, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by Harshit.Gaharwar


     In our project, I need to boot SHARC 21489 by SPI host, I've debugged this for some days.It always cann't work normly. The system is comprise of DSP(Sharc 21489) and ARM(STM32), they connect with SPI0_CS,SPI0_CLK,SPI0_MISO,SPI0_MOSI. 


I write a very simple program, just blinking a LED. I use VDSP5.0++ packing the spi_489 default kernel, selecting ASCII 16bit format output.   

The ARM side program is doing as this, first send 384 word in the front of LDR file, then check MISO pin whether low, send remaining bytes until it is high. But the result are DSP didn't boot and the MISO pin hasn't any change. 


I want to know do I need to change anything for the boot kernel? And whether ARM need to reverse bit for sending  bytes, the spi configure are 16bit width, LSB first. Or something I was wrong?


Please someone can tell me how to do this correctly? I attach the DSP code and ARM code for reference.