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Issue with the SPI0 in ADuCM361 controller

Question asked by himabindu on Mar 20, 2015
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I am getting the problem with the SPI data Transmission. Details  are furnished below.

We are configuring the SPI0 as Master - enable,

                                              Continuous - enable,

                                              TIM= 1,

                                              CON[14:15]= 00 (interrupt for every byte transfer)

                                              ZEN - enable,

                                              OEN - enable,

                                              CPOL - 1,

                                              CPHA - 1,

After transfer of every byte, we got interrupt. So, in the interrupt service routine we are trying to write another byte to Tx register. This process continues till the 5 bytes of transfer for every 1 second. In order to see the data which is in Tx register we are sending that data to UART in the interrupt service routine. And we are seeing the SCLK and MOSI pins output in the CRO. we are getting only 3 bytes in CRO but in the UART we are getting 5 bytes for every 1 second. For reference I am attaching the snapshots of the images of both the UART and CRO output for MOSI and SCLK pins.

          I am sending the data as AA, CC, 00, 16, 01

Please help me to solve this isssue.



P.Hima Bindu