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AD9361 for maximum bandwidth

Question asked by arvabj on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by rgetz

There was no response to my question earlier. so i am re-posting my questions regarding AD9361 setup


1. Is it necessary to use the internal interpolation/ decimation filters ? For power savings, can i keep the sampling rate up to the ADC and DAC as 61.44MHz (bypass or interp/decim by 1 throughout) using a 983.04MHz BBPLL clock ?



2. Can the ADC be clocked at 491.52 MHz ? From the datasheet, in LVDS mode the DATA_CLK can be as high as 245.76MHz. I thought that also applies to the ADC/ DAC maximum rates. Can you please verify ?



3. What is the overall constraint on maximum clock rates for the interp/decim/FIR filters and the ADC/DAC ? My understanding was 61.44MHz for filters,ADC,DAC in CMOS mode and 245.76MHz for filters,ADC/DAC in LVDS mode. Please clarify.



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