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ADP5023 - ADIsimPower Simulation Tool

Question asked by on Mar 19, 2015
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My name is Meir and I am  DFAE from Phoenix technologies in Israel.


One of my customers would like to simulate the ADP5023 by using the excell based ADIsimPower simulator.

As I understuood, the BUCKs of ADP5023 are based on ADP2138 core, is it?

Shall I evaluate the ADP2138 in order to get the results for ADP5023?

Here is a link:


We have dowloaded the tool fot it and after defining the parameters we can't get the ADP1038 option from the suggested list.


Here is the configuration for ADP5023:

Vin: 3.3V

Vout(BUCK1)=2.1V/0.5A - can't evaluate the ADP2138 - Why?

Vout(BUCK2)=1.2V/0.4A - can evaluate the ADP2138


Attached a file with the results from simulation tool:

Page1 depicts the Configuration, that ADP2138 option is not suggested

Page2 depicts the Configuration, that ADP2138 option is suggested

Please advise how can we simulate the the ADP5023 for above described configuration.