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AD7280A Connection Order

Question asked by berke on Mar 19, 2015
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i'm using several AD7280A for implementing a Battery Management system. Is there a standart way of connecting the cells to the AD7280A? For example connecting from the lowest to the highest potential? VSS/V0 -> V6/VDD? Or first VSS/V0 and V6/VDD and afterwards the other potentials V1->V5?

I'm asking because some of my AD7280A IC's definitely have a defect HV-Input and are in fact discharging the cells over the 10k current limiting resistors. My design ist based on CN0197 and seems to work fine. But after connecting and disconnecting the cells for several times some IC's got this defect. The communication, ADC-selftest and the voltage reading on the aux-inputs still works on these IC's. I hope you can help me with this problem.


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