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ADSP-21992 Watchdog

Question asked by gamma on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by SachinV

Hello community,

I'm puzzled about the watchdog reset of this Chip.


After activating the WDTVAL it seems that there is no Reset occuring.


code snippet:


sysreg_write(sysreg_IOPG,WDT_Page);  // select watchdog Page

while(0==(io_space_read(WDT_STAT) & WDT_ACTIVE))  // not activated?

  io_space_write(WDT_TOVAL,0xFFFF);    // will be active after about 2 mSecs on 25MHz clock


(of course I changed the WDT_ACTIVE to 0x0002 in the header file)


since al timers are running as before I'm nearly sure that neither the core nor the peripherals have been

resetted. But the WDT_STAT signals that the WDTOVR bit has been set.


I'm very puzzled...

every help is very appreciated!


regards Gamma