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ADE7878A EVAL BOARD-how to begin

Question asked by irs5 on Mar 18, 2015
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a couple a days ago I've got a new ( from Mouser/Chech ) ADE7878AEVAL board. Have installed its SW from CD, powered the board with 3,3 V at P9 and via USB, ran "". Start page has opened, nothing else has happened. It seems I've got stucked at "Please select serial communication, activated on eval board " and does not jump to any kind of "set com port properties ". The button is red, pointing SPI. The "run" button is saying " running ". The board is in default state, haven't changed any JP's position ( to be true, did not check all of them ).

Have checked computer's ( WIN 8.1; 64 bit ) control panel. EVAL board is shown with "!", drivers section of "properties " says that there is no driver available.


What have I missed to begin ?


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