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Two technical issue in ADAU1451 application: I2S in slave mode and  SPDIF Tx can’t output 96KHz sample rate audio stream

Question asked by Jane on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by solong.zeng

Dear Experts.


Our customer is choosing ADAU1451 in the new design, and they met two issue in ADAU1451 application, would you please help to check and give some advice how to fix the issue?


1, There are four sets of Input Serial Port in 145x. In the customer’s application, they would use at least 2 sets Input Serial Port in ADAU1451: One I2S audio signal is from the front Audio ADC PCM4202 (PCM4202 Master/Slave configurations available), another I2S audio signal is from USB (could only be a Master).


But there is only the 1st set of I2S of ADAU1451 can work in slave mode, other three can only work in master mode.


2, The SPDIF Tx can’t output 96KHz sample rate audio stream, even just pass through 96KHz audio stream into 1451 from SPDIF Rx.




Many thanks in advance.