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ADRF6516 Noise & NonLinearity Model

Question asked by sdh on Mar 18, 2015
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I would appreciate it if you provide me with a  Noise and Non linearity Model,  regarding  ADRF6516 in order to be used for  Rx chain performance analysis .

To be more specific the following info would be nice to have for each adrf6516 ' stage:


1st stage:

     NF & IMD3 (or IIP3) vs Gain set-up & input signal amplitude .

LPFs :

     NF vs LPF BW set-up, IMD3 (or IIP3) vs input signal amplitude


     NF vs gain & Vgain set-up,  IMD3 or OIM3 or OIP3 vs gain set-up & input (or output signal amplitude)

Output Buffer :

      NF vs Gain set-up & OIM3 or OIP3 vs output signal amplitude.


Regarding ADRF6516 data sheet figure 24 please confirm the validity of  OIM3 calculation:


OIP3 (dbv)= Vout/tone (dbV) + OIM3 (dbc)/2


Thank  you in advance