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VDK based application questions

Question asked by BlueIceScream on Nov 24, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2010 by CraigG


I have some questions about VDK.

1) How i can start several threads?

          I use kernel options in VDSP and add new threads type. But it not  running. Why?

2) If i create VDK based project, is a Rorbin round scheduling a default scheduling?


3) If i running while(1) cycle in one of threads, VDK shall do context switch?

4) If i running while(1) cycle in one of threads and in this cycle i use unscheduled region may be that VDK do not context switch for while(1) cycle?

5) In Robin round sheduling in kernel option in VDSP  i can create prioritets? what this mean?

6) If i use  Lwip may i set the target ip?

          I search this function or data structures in Lwip code but i cant find it.

7) How i can use Global data structures which are accessible for all threads?


I'm beginner in analog device programming/ please help.