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How can I use the shared_function in core B?

Question asked by jiangdaih on Nov 24, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2010 by jiangdaih

     Hi,I am  working with BF561,in the mode Dual core: one application per core.

     According to the default LDF ,there is shared memory .I follow the tips to create the project and want to verify how the shared_function works in core B ,defined in core A and saved in the shared SRAM. 

     The shared_function is only implemented a print command,but I can't call this function in core B.

     When the program goes to the function ,this appears in the console  :

          Exception: #8 UNDEFINST:Undefined Instruction at PC 0xffa023e2

     In core B ,declare the function items as external and add a RESOLVE command to local_shared_symbols.h, giving the symbol name and the OTHERCORE macro.

     I can't find the reason ,soon as I came in  this software. Please help me ! Thank you !