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Reset Pin query for ADG1414

Question asked by haddonc on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2015 by paul.osullivan

Hi, I am considering using multiple ADG1414 Devices daisy chained together.

I will be supplying the chip via a single 12V supply.

I have a requirement to turn off switches immediately if a fault is detected. As there is no OE pin I will use the reset pin. However there seems to be a clause in the datasheet.


When using the RESET/V

L pin to complete a hardware reset, all other SPI pins (SYNC, SCLK, and DIN) should be driven low.


I can possibly get round this by AND gating the SPI signals with the reset line. My question is regarding the DIN signal of devices which are daisy chained. Will I also need to separately ensure that each DIN to individual devices are also LOW or will forcing the first device DIN LOW be sufficient ?


In advance