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Turn on 2 digital mics and 1 analog mic simultaneously with ADAU1761

Question asked by keddy on Mar 18, 2015

I would like to use 2 digital mics and 1 analog mic together with ADAU1761 to do active noise cancellation and echo cancellation by beamforming algorithm in Sigmastudio. However, base on my understanding of ADAU1761 datasheet, it can't turn on both 2 digital mics at the same time. It can only be turned on either one through the JACKDET/MICIN pin. Am I correct? If it is so, which part is correct to use in my case? ADAU1452?


And if i want to use the Beamforming algorithm under the ADI algorithm inside SigmaStudio 3.10, it can take in 2 mics only as front and back. How to implement mic array in beamforming? Is there any example code for me to try out?