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Using the EVAL-5933EBZ board for measuring human skin impedance

Question asked by GSR-MEasurement on Mar 17, 2015
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I am trying to measure the impedance of human skin via the Eval board and electrodes. Unfortunately, I am unable to measure correct values with the offered software (I tried resistors, capacitors etc. as references).

I have:
1. added a resistor to the RFB marked connectors on the board so that the
operational amplifier will work
2. added different resistors and capacitors to the Z marked connectors
3. tried different settings via the software to receive correct results.

My Questions are:

1. Is this board able to measure the human skin impedance

2. What steps are necessary to make the board work (beside the explanations from the data sheets)

Can you help me with this issue? I only need to measure an unknown impedance (that will vary during the measurement)
and send the values via USB to a PC. The other board functions are irrelevant
for me.

Thank you and kind regards,