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BF533-STAMP with libusb, ccid, pcsc-lite, libacsccid1 - is it possible?

Question asked by on Mar 17, 2015
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Dear Blackfin Buildroot developers!



I have some problems with compilation of rootfs for BF533-STAMP.

What I have:
  • Analog Devices (AD) BF533-STAMP board
  • AD toolchain - 2012R2, 2014R1_45
  • AD buildroot distribution - 2012R2-RC5, 2014R1-RC1, yesterday Git version.


I can compile bf533_defconfig with various versions of toolchain and various versions of buildroot. So we use BF533 with FLAT executable format.

For my project I need libusb, ccid, pcsc-lite and libacsccid1 (not packaged in buildroot,  I'l include it manually). If select needed packages in menuconfig I got compilation errors.

For libusb I get error "operating system not supported" on configure stage - I patched this file to make it understand that uclinux is linux (line 11096, attached). After that libusb compiled normally.

For pcsc-lite I get errors about missed header - dlfcn.h. This error exist with your toolchains (2012R2, 2014R1_45) and with toolchain built by buildroot (versions 2012R2-RC5, 2014R1-RC1).

The ccid package depends on pcsc-lite, so I can't compile it.



My main question is - how to compile needed stuff correctly on buildroot for BF533-STAMP? Is it really possible?


My other question is - why you sync your buildroot to upstream even if packages do not compile (because of no-MMU or other problems)? What is the reason?

I can compile latest buildroot rootfs for beagleboard, but not for AD BF533.


With best regards,

Analog Devices user,