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How to utilize an external VCO by ADF9010?

Question asked by ADI_Wei on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by yangfenyan


I want to use a external VCO by ADF9010, but haven't found the description or schematic of the using external VCO.

1. If use the external VCO, which registers' bit should be configured to select the internal or external VCO? Whether it is "Mux Feedback to N div"?

2. What's the frequency range of the external VCO? Whether the external VCO frequency needed to be divided by 4 before input to the modulator? Since I select the Mux Feedback to N Div in the evaluation software, the VCO frequency is still 4 times of the RFout. To be simple, if needed to output frequency 900MHz, which VCO should be choose, 3600MHz or 900MHz?

3. Whether the evaluation software is proper for the external VCO configuration?


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