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Multiple device AD7192 SPI protocol

Question asked by tone on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by jtee

Hi there,


I am trying to interact with two AD7192 chips via a single SPI master. Right now I have the Din, Dout, and SCLK pins shorted to the same MOSI MISO and SLCK on the master, with GPIOs controlling the CS pins.


From my understanding, the Dout/RDY pin will only go low if the chip is selected with CS. Otherwise, the Dout pin is driven at a high impedance state. This way, I can have a chip selected with CS and monitor its Dout/RDY pin without worrying about it sinking current into the Dout pin of the other AD7192.


Is this correct? I've been having some trouble controlling two AD7192 via a single master and would appreciate any help!