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adau1452minz with SigmaStudio 3.11 loading eeprom

Question asked by Rocktropolys on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by Rocktropolys

Using ADau1452minz and SigmaStudio 3.11 build 2 rev 1396.

The adau1452 is amazing, and SigmaStudio is a very easy to use GUI.

My project is sounding great!!!!!!!

However, I have been unsuccessful at downloading to the eeprom




When I press "Download File to E2prom", then "OK". A window pops up showing download in progress, then completes.

But, When I flip S2 to enable boot from E2prom, then press reset, it does not load my program, it apparently loads the default program that came in the eeprom. D6 and D7 flash on and off (I did not program that). To further my investigation, I see no activity (with scope) on SS_M or SCLK_M when I repeated the download procedure. The only point that I did see activity is when I place S2 in enable then press reset.

It appears that it will read from eeprom but not right to it.

What am I doing wrong?


Also when I copy "capture window" into "sequence window" then export sequence.hex file, (2) .hex files are created.

One is FilenameIC_1.hex the other is FilenameIC_2.hex

Which of these should I download, or is it something else.

Thanks for any help.