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Multi-proc build conundrum

Question asked by Laz on Nov 23, 2010

I recently migrated my dual-21065L project from VSDP 3.5 to VDSP 5.0, and created a Project Group.  Now if I want to do a Rebuild, I get an error that the DXE needed is gone and can't be rebuilt.


The setup:

\Project\P0\P0.dxe plus source files

\Project\P1\P1.dxe plus source files


The P0 project has the instructions to build Project.ldr in the Load/Processor/Multiprocessor dialog:

1: ..\P0\P0.dxe

2: ..\P1\P1.dxe


Output file: ..\Project.ldr


If I do a rebuild of P0, the DXE and DOJs are deleted/cleaned, and the make file stops when it can't find P0.dxe.


Any ideas?