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AD9548 Eval. Board SPI Programing

Question asked by nevcivan on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by nevcivan

I have AD9548 Evaluation board. I want to program the AD9548 with my FPGA via SPI? Is it posible

I have a doubt about that.


For programing AD9548 with FPGA via SPI

I did the following process step by step


1. I take off jumper P4 ( SCLK,SDIO,SDO,CSB)

2. I move jumper P9 from PC to MANUAL

3. I connect my own SPI signal to P4 connector (SCLK-SDIO-CSB -3 wire SPI-) <<I controlled that this pin connect directly to AD9548>>

4. I send command for read or write but data can not be processed. Data is same with "AD9548  DataSheet->Figure 55. Serial Control Port Write—MSB-First"


Does anybody has an idea about this topic?


so I hope you can help me

Best Regards