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ADE7880 shunt resistor

Question asked by on Mar 16, 2015
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A question concerning the shunt resistor.

I'm using a board designed around a ADE7880 chip. In several AD appnotes I found that a "center-tapped" burden resistor is suggested.

( and the evaluation board schematic shows the same solution).


We need to measure high currents and we use standard CT transformers ( for instance 200/5 or 50/5) that give 5Amps when the load current is at full scale.

That means that the shunt resistor can't be a small smd (or even pth) component directly placed on the pcb.

Our shunt resistors are usually 0.1ohm / 5W elements connected directly on the CT.



My question is: have you any suggestion? Is there any trick that I should use? (pheraps.. Is there any advantage in leaving an additional 50+50ohm center- tapped on board... that give some reference to gnd?)