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ADIS16364 with iSensor EVAL-ADIS board, and can't program it

Question asked by mfontanella on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by mfontanella

I have absolutely no experience in programing but I'd like to have the Dynamic Range to it's max +/-300°/sec (default) and I'd like to turn the digital filtering off. Now when I look at the interface I see the Control/Status section and see the SENS_AVG. Then I see the Select Register "SENS_AVG" which displays the three measurement range selections.

I see by selecting the 400, it writes 402 into the Hex value

If I select the  +/-150°/sec, it writes 202 into the Hex value

Now since the last digit is 2, the number of Filter taps =4, N=2^m

So if I write the value 400, I should have the largest Dynamic Range with no filtering. Is this correct.

Now there is the sample rate which I'm sure of and how it fits into range of acquiring data.


I'd like to measure the fastest rotation rate that I can with the gyro, which I'm assuming to be 300°/sec but so far I'm not able to get it.


I feel I need a programing for dummies book to figure this prototype board out can anyone help?