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1st-order filter implementation question

Question asked by dimitris. on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by dimitris.

Hi forum,


I was wondering if there is anything wrong with the definition of the first-order filter in the help of SigmaStudio.

I found the following definition for the first-order filter:



However when I am trying a high pass filter with a cut-off frequency at 1000 Hz then get the coefficients that appear below:



Now, if the definition of the implementation is right, then for a gainLinear operator of 1 (meaning gain 0), for a highpass filter, I should get a1=b0=-b1.

But clearly this is not the case as the 3 coefficients that are being produced in SigmaStudio are not all the same.


Could you please enlighten me on if I am missing something?


thank you