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Parallel outputs of ADM7172 for increased output current?

Question asked by Lionelwallace Employee on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by kevintompsett

Need 3A for a very low noise RF amplifier.  The ADM7172 would be perfect if it had greater output current.


  • Can I parallel the outputs of 2x ADM7172 via small (i.e. 10 mOhm) resistors?
    • If so, what size resistors are recommended?
    • How will the total output noise be effected?
  • If not, can I diode OR the outputs?
    • If I diode OR the outputs, can I place the sense node after the diode to compensate for the diode voltage drop
    • How will the output noise be effected by this configuration?
  • Any other suggestions on achieve a very low noise 3A output?