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ADIS16209 assembly issue

Question asked by Saavy on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by NevadaMark


          We have designed some sensor board based on ADIS16209 and are having some assembly issue. We had two sets of PCBs (set A - 8 PCBs and Set B - 10 PCBs) with automated machine mounting of this IC. Only components to be soldered manually were 1.27mm connector that we did inhouse. In set A of the PCBs, seven boards out of eight boards failed (IC did not get recognized in software) while in the other set, all of the 10 PCBs were working. As far as I remember I did not apply excess heating in soldering (I had set 280 deg. C in my weller soldering station, WSD 81i with 0.2mm soldering tip) 1.27mm connector for set A while other set of PCBs were soldered with some other soldering station with 2mm tip and set at 315 deg. C. I am still puzzled with the IC sensitivity whether it could be failed due to soldering some nearby components.

Is there any way to identify whether IC is still functional or gone dead. I am hooking SPI analyser but it does not show any communication on MISO line.