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stuffing SigmaDsp readouts into one integer

Question asked by drugoimir on Mar 15, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by drugoimir

Hello everybody,


i have to transfer some readings out of the dsp, but would like to limit bus traffic, so i was thinking

i could stuff more readings into just one integer (i don't need the resolution given by a standard

dsp register, 8 - 10 bits / reading will be enough).

In C this would be trivial as:

readout32b =(reading1_8b<<24) | (reading2_8b<<16) | (reading3_8b<<8) | (reading4_8b)

but i have no idea how to do that in sigmastudio-ish language.


Other question: i'm struggling with a bug on sigmastudio 3.11.1 (that bug which makes the

mouse cursor to disappear when loading blocks). I see that the bug was corrected in sigmastudio 3.11.2 beta,

but ADI changed their website and i'm not able in finding it. Where is it now?