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1452 with several ADC and DAC

Question asked by sabry on Mar 15, 2015
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I would like to connect several ADCs and DACs to the 1452, i will use all of them at the same clock frequency (48kHz) in I2S format.

I would like to use the 1452 as a master clock for ADC and DAC. The 1452 will generate the LRCLK, BCLK and the MCLK>

I was wondering if i can connect for example the LRCLK0 and BCLK0 to both ADC at the same, connect respectively the SDATAout of the first ADC to SDATAIN0 and SDATAout of the second one to SDATAIN1 of the 1452?

I would do it also for the DAC, so LRCLK0 and BCLK0 to both DAC and SDATAOUT0 to the first one and SDATA1 to the second one.

It could help to spare several pins to get more MP pins available.


Thanks in advance for any help,