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How "taxed" is the Zync 706 (7045) when running the AD-FMCOMMS5 board?

Question asked by etroy on Mar 14, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2015 by rejeesh

I see that the AD-FMCOMMS2 and 3 can be run by relatively small Xilinx FPGAs, like the 702 and others. But, the ZC706 board (with the 7045 900 pin chip) is needed for the AD-FMCOMMS5 board, which needs 2 FMC connectors and, apparently, at least the ZC706 development board from Xilinx. Is the need for the 706 because the power of the 7045 (and/or number of pins) is required for the COMMS5 board, or is it simply because 2 FMC connectors are needed for the COMMS5 as opposed to the COMMS2 or COMMS3 board? Given that 2 FMC connectors are needed for the COMMS5 board, how much extra capacity, in either computing power or available pins, is available when using the ZC706 (7045) Xilinx board (chip)?