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AD9361 and Model  loopback query

Question asked by Cman Employee on Mar 13, 2015
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On behalf of customer again. Please advise.








** Model ** loopback

I have tried to build up a loopback in the model. For this I have copied together the TX and the RX model. The signal path is then as follows:

TX signal source >> AD9361_TX AD9361_RX >> RX baseband signal sink

When I try to run this model, I get the following error message:

"Test signal sample time and filter configuration are not consistent"

The Diagnostic Viewer shows me also where the error occurs:

, Untitled / ADI9361_rx / VerifySampleTime / Assertion '

Is this the expected behavior I should get? If so, is it somehow possible to simulate a loopback or is this not possible because of implementation reasons?