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AD9361 Filters cannot be changed and Matlab 2015a compatibility issues

Question asked by Cman Employee on Mar 13, 2015
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I am posting on behalf of a customer please advise. below.





Customer is using Malab R2015a

** Filters cannot be changed **

I tried to use a custom defined filter for the Tx simulation. For this I have used the AD9361 model in an unchanged way. Below is a step by step list of what I did and what happened:


  1. 1. Double-click on the block in the transmit model AD9361_TX

    2. Selecting from drop down: "Filter Configuration: Custom"

    3. Click on "design filter"

    4. The "AD9361_Filter_Wizzard" opens, the next steps are related to

  2. 5. Select from drop down: "LTE5 (Rx & Tx)"

    6. Select "Transmit" for the filter design, since it's about the Tx

    7. Click on "design filter"

    8. The filter design seems to work, the frequency response is displayed and
    makes sense

    9. Click on "Save to Workspace"

    10. Close the filter Wizzard >> Here I get the following error message:

    "Error evaluation, MaskCallback 'callback of ADI9361_TX block (mask)'
    ad9361_tx / ADI9361_tx '

    Am I doing something wrong? If so, how can I change the filter configuration
    without running into this error?