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Documentation init struct query

Question asked by Cman Employee on Mar 13, 2015
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...." Documentation init struct ** (Priority 1)

I want to fill the AD9361_InitParam struct with the Bluetooth appropriate parameters. Unfortunately, It is very difficult to find the relation between the init struct and the user manual, in order to find out which values  needs to go where. I'll make an example for clarification:

- In the Init Struct (AD9361_InitParam) there is the field "dc_offset_attenuation_high_range"
- The comment in the header file is "adi, dc-offset attenuation-high-range" >> Does not contain any information
- The API documentation on the wiki ( writes about this struct entry: "tunables for DC offset tracking (please see the manual) " >> Does not contain any information
- In the Document AD9361_Reference_Manual_UG-570.pdf I searched for the following terms:

o          DC offset attenuation:  No matches
o          attenuation DC:            No matches
o          offset attenuation:        No matches
o          dc-offset attenuation:   No matches
o          dc_offset_attenuation: No matches
o          DC offset:              some matches

(a) but I cannot find any information on an attenuation
(b) Reference is made to various functions (eg "ad9361_bb_dc_offset_calib", page 11), but which could not to be found in the API

>> Contains no information
- In the Document AD9361_Register_Map_Reference_Manual_UG-671.pdf I have also searched for these terms:

  o   DC offset attenuation: 2 matches
      (a) RF DC offset attenuation (this field is only 5-bit wide, seem therefore not to fit API, which obviously defines a high range and low range of 8 bits)
      (b) BB DC offset attenuation (this field is only 4 bits wide)

  o >> may contain the needed information, but cannot be transferred to the API

The above example is not an isolated case. With around 220 entries in this struct, the result is,  that I cannot really use the API. So I have the following questions:

- Am I missing a document (an API User Manual or something else)?
- If so, where can I find it?
- If not, how do I find out what values corresponds to what other values and where can I find the information in the documents?