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Prioritising MGC over AGC

Question asked by Cman Employee on Mar 13, 2015
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I am posting this on behave of a customer. please see below and advise.



... "In the meantime I tried to continue with the AD9361 configuration and try to find out which values correspond to what settings. For simplicity reasons I would like to MGC mode for the first steps because we start using the AGC.


According to the AD9361 documentation (UG 671 page 38, UG 570 page 39) the default operation mode for MGC is to write the gain index via SPI into the register 0x109[6:0]. However, I could not find any function in the API to write the gain index. Are there any examples for using the MGC mode with the no-OsAPI? The example design seems to use AGC and not MGC...."


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