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ZC706, DAQ2, IIOScope DAC Buffer Output

Question asked by clofquist on Mar 13, 2015
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The system has been updated with the use of "ADI Update Tools" and "ADI Update Boot". The board has been rebooted.


We can see issues with the "DAC Buffer Output". Are we using the feature wrongly?

Following have been done:

- Use the "Two CW Tones" to generate a 18MHz and 36MHz signal.

- Capture the data and save this to a csv file ("wave.csv")

- Move "wave.csv" to "wave.txt"

- Added a first line "TEXT" to it

- Load the file (try) "DAC Buffer Output" and it does not work - invalid format

- Add a second column to the "wave.txt" file, the file looks like:


-861, 0,

-894, 0,

-892, 0,


- this file can be loaded (Waveform loaded successfully", but the capture does not like anything like to original signal!

     -- regardless of the DAC channels voltage0/voltage1 are selected, any combination does not work.

- what goes wrong?, Do we need 1K samples, a certain order to program the output, certain range of values, ...?


Looking forward to your reply, thanks