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Visual DSP Scripting

Question asked by Tommy on Nov 23, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2010 by NormY

Hi Adi Support,


I am using the Visuals DSP 5.0 update  8 and I would like to use the automation script engine for creating a project debug session. We are using the BF561 and the HP USB ICE.


So far a new debug project session can be generated with a startup JS file with the command

pSession = Idde.CreateMPSession("ADSP-BF561 via HPUSB-ICE (Default)","Blackfin Emulators/EZ-KIT Lites","ADSP-BF561 via HPUSB-ICE");                 


than the session will be activated with

Idde.SessionList.CreateSession("ADSP-BF561 via HPUSB-ICE (Default)");


Now I would like to change the JTAG frequence to 50 MHz. For this I am using the MenuManager script function.


var pMenuManager = app.MenuManager;                   
pMenuManager.ClickMenuItem( "Settings:JTAG Frequency Selection...", 0 );


The window is opened but I have no idea how the script works to change the settings of JTAG frequency further and save this?


Any suggestions