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AS5645R I2C readback sequence?

Question asked by sss on Mar 13, 2015
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Our customer will evaluate AD5645RBRUZ.

They have several questions about I2C readback sequence.


In the datasheet 24page~ , READ OPERATION, Figure 61. I2C Read Operation (14-Lead Package),

They need help for programming nanoDAC AD5645RBRUZ in I2C mode. 

The documentation of datasheet on steps and sequence of programming for reading the each DAC(n-ch) or Control registers is not clear.

Also, there is confusion about the difference write and read operation, address, command, data etc.

They request clarification on this matter.



How to read back sequence with setting slave address, each DAC channel select, and command ?

Can I select readback DAC address (channel)?



In the datasheet 26page, Figure 61. I2C Read Operation (14-Lead Package), what is the "FRAME 2 COMMAND BYTE" ?

There is only the write commands, it is "Table 11. Command Definition".

I can not find the read commands.


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