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Question asked by Jacky-zheng on Mar 13, 2015
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I'm confused with this electric circuit which is signed out on the attachments,The circuit is made up by two parts:ADC driver(AD8138) & ADC(AD9214),Analog signal source come from pin5 of XS1,which is a continous analog signal.

My system is like this:the ture source is from a APD,then use three stage amplify the output of APD,then the analog signal go to pin5 of XS1.

The frequency of the sample clock(FPGA_CLK2) is 100MHz.

attachment<AD8138> is an image of circuit for AD8138;

attachment<AD9214> is an image of circuit for AD9214;

attachment<sheet_part> is a schematic diagram for AD8138 and AD9214 both,the schematic diagram is designed by Altium designer.

Would you please to give me some suggestions?