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EVAL-AD7982SDZ : sampling rate and updating the display data

Question asked by ysuzuki on Mar 12, 2015
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I'm using EVAL-AD7982SDZ with EVAL-SDP-CB1Z.

The evaluation software can continously capture data and update display when I use the sampling rate over 130kS/s.

But it can not update the display data when I set the sampling rate lower than 125kS/s.

SPI communication between ADSP-BF527 and AD7982 is working.

So it seems some trouble has occurred in updating the display data.

I'm using "ADC Evaluation Software v1.7".


I'd like to use the sampling rate from 10kS/s to 1MS/s.

How can I use the sampling rate lower than 125kS/s with EVAL-AD7982SDZ ?

Or is it caused by bug of this software ?


Could you please check same setting ?


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