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How to install AD9361 driver on yocto (bitbake)

Question asked by Mercu_n1 on Mar 12, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by Mercu_n1


I have some problem installing AD9361 driver on yocto OS.

I successfully build all components too run yocto ,on zed board,

To do that i used bitbake, next in order to support the ad9361 device i added the adi-fmcomms2.dtsi

on meta-zedboard/conf/machine/boards/zeboard/zedboard.dtsi.

As a result i should have something like in this tutorial (not the case),

I suppose that i need to create recipe for that, to put the source code of the driver...

If somebody already did that, can you explain please the steps to do?

Thanks in advance.