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How to use RTS/CTS hardware flow control in UART Char Echo example project?

Question asked by jlia on Mar 11, 2015
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I'm brand new to CrossCore and Blackfin707 development.


I have managed to see keypress characters echoed in a Putty window using the virtual com port created with USB connected to the dev board USB TO UART connector.  However, this project uses no flow control.


I have added calls to adi_uart_EnableTxHWFlowCntl() and adi_uart_EnableRxHWFlowCntl() prior to the echo loop, and changed Putty settings to use RTS/CTS flow control, however these changes cause the code to never return from the first call to adi_uart_Read() in the echo loop.


I've checked the return values of the flow control enable functions and both return ADI_UART_SUCCESS.  I've also changed the putty settings back to using no flow control while waiting on the call to adi_uart_Read() is out to lunch -- doing so results in an echo of all keys pressed while flow control was enabled in Putty, and future key presses also echo just as expected.


Am I missing some other configuration/setup function calls to make this echo project work with uart RTS/CTS flow control enabled in Putty?


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P.S. It should be noted that I've used Putty to communicate over COM using hw RTS/CTS flow control with other devices, so if I cannot solve my problem via sample project code, I believe the issue may exist in the dev board or uart drivers.