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DAC status not set in fmcomms1!

Question asked by Jetmiri on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by AdrianC

Hi All,


I am trying to provide the ADC 9122 in FMCOMMS1 board with 16MHz datarate. I changed the ad9523 configurations file to get an clock frequency of 16 MHz at channel DAC DCO.  Everything is going correctly even the DAC test finishes without any error. The only thins is that I get an error in the software "DAC setup: Status not set!!". This happens for every rate lower than 128 MHz.


I checked on the spectrum analyzer the output and every time that the error was there I couldn't get a sine spectrum (since I was sending sine wave). I checked in software and I saw that this error comes from the register 0x405c of axi_ad9122 when it is not set high. I checked in documentation and this register was RO.


Q1: Where this register is set to one!? Is that inside the code of axi_ad9122 cause from the software it can not be set since it is RO!?

Q2: What will cause this error how can I prevent this!?